7 Effective Strategies From Seo Experts in Austin During the Covid-19 Pandemic


As a result of protective measures aimed at limited social gathering and the spread of the COVID-19 or coronavirus, businesses and companies have been afforded more time to focus on search engine optimization (SEO) that is no longer being spent on training and supervising employees physically present on the property of the establishment where they had been going to work.


This new commitment to SEO can help achieve short term goals and awareness but also create content that can benefit the company down the line after the worst of COVID-19 has already passed. As businesses and SEO experts in Austin and other such places recognize that reaping the rewards of SEO will likely take months, they are investing as early as they possibly can in order to get the biggest bang for their buck, utilizing 7 strategies to do so.

1. Keyword Research

The first step of the strategy for SEO is to research and evaluate the company’s best-performing content and most widely used search engine keywords to help keep track of current SEO content as well as to formulate a plan for adding new content. After all the most relevant keywords have been collected and listed, they can then be ranked further into groups whether they are ranking on or below the first and second pages.

2. Content Improvement

All current relevant content, once rendered into a list format, can then be evaluated in order to find areas where the content can be improved. Queries ranked on the first page should receive only minor modifications to gain greater visibility. Those on the second page can be given more analysis and attention to help it appear on the first result page and thus be more visible. Building new sections for content into the page or further elaborating on topics with additional site pages can help bolster the SEO, as can the targeting of queries that contain specific content.

3. Content Consolidation

The next step, and an essential one at that, is consolidation. When looking at the queries that appear on the second page, one may expect to find that many of them may be similar, and this redundancy may be affecting its visibility and performance. Therefore consolidating similar information into stronger pages, in other words favoring quality over quantity, can improve SEO by eliminating unnecessary competition among the similar performing pages that are not performing so well as it is.

4. Low-Search Volume Question Query Incorporation

In the process of researching keywords, you may come across some queries with a great deal of relevance but with a low search volume. Their relatively low competition and minimal need for traffic make them fruitful to pursue to get more clicks and visibility. They are able to be added in the form of short-form content pieces that do not take inordinate amounts of time to formulate.

5. FAQ Page Schema Markup

Adding a FAQ page schema markup adds a creative touch to search results that helps make content stand out to a greater degree.

6. COVID-19 Markup

You can follow in the footsteps of many other companies nowadays that are adding markup in order to incorporate special announcements for SEO content amid COVID-19. When this is done, the content then shows up with the result of the announcement which may include a quick summary further explainable upon clicking.

7. New & Relevant Information

New and relevant content such as special deals and promotions can help quickly generate traffic to the company website, as can content that empathizes with typical customer concerns and complaints.


Maintenance of content is critical in SEO endeavors in the current climate. Good strategies are investments that can gradually appreciate in value before, during, and after the COVID-19 pandemic. This is where SEO experts in Austin can help.

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